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  • Street theatre
  • Spanish, French, Basque
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Running time: 45'

A red carpet in the middle of a street becomes an unusual scenario that highlights everything that happens. We put the public in the task, or rather in the eyes of the flâneur. The passionate observer, who finds great joy among the ebb and flow of the citizens' movement, between the fugitive and the infinite. He becomes aware of the immense kaleidoscope that represents the multiplicity of life with all the grace of all its fragments.

Shooting situations for casual passers are treated from the play, humor and absurdity, so they change the vision of everyday life.

FLOW is an invitation to play and to audience participation. An invitation to look at each other in the eyes, with the intention of transforming the street into a space for communication and entertainment. We hope that it yealds us to be optimistic about the future of humanity.


Company Zanguango Teatro

A show by
Zanguango Teatro

Gasteiz / Vitoria, Spain

Founded in 1993, the company makes sense by combining the work of actor and group. This way, it has managed to produce shows both on stage ("Cualquiera que nos viera", "Aquí va a pasar algo", "Esto no me lo esperaba", etc.) and on the streets ("Al fondo a la derecha", "Flux", etc.) with texts originating from collective authorship that show everyday troubles. Unsettling issues such as the search for identity from a vitriolically humorous point of view, at times bordering on the absurd but always critical and committed. A playful style that will make anybody laugh.

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